Founded in 1850, Matthews has a long legacy of innovating and creating, originating in providing the highest quality identification products and services including marking products, printing plates, and bronze plaques.

Today, Matthews is a publicly traded, market leading global partner with more than $1.76 billion dollars in sales, employing more than 11,000 people at 300+ locations on 6 continents across multiple business segments: Matthews Memorialization, SGK Brand Solutions, and Matthews Industrial Technologies.

At Matthews, we are metal experts. We got our start working with metal more than 170 years ago and have operated bronze foundries now for nearly 100 years. Fast forward to 2023, we have more than $100 million in annual cast bronze sales and an expert team dedicated to providing the highest quality products.

Building on that original legacy, we continue to invest in new technologies that facilitate a platform for evolution and growth, bringing worldclass services via our newest business – Matthews Additive Technologies.

Our experience as a foundry means we understand the detailed requirements of metal casting, particularly when it comes to complex parts and components. Matthews Additive Technologies utilizes the most advanced technology available for producing 3D printed molds and cores. Led by a diverse, cross functional team with more than 120 years of combined experience in engineering, metal casting, and 3D sand printing, we produce the finest molds and cores in the industry that are printed as single pieces, providing greater flexibility for your projects.

The Matthews Additive Technologies team is focused on providing our customers with outstanding service and support, delivering every job on time and with the upmost accuracy.

For more information about how we can help you, please contact Matthews Additive Technologies at 855-264-5200 or additivetechnologies@matw.com.